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Letter: Great American Outdoors Act

Cache Creek Nature Preserve,Grasslands Regional Park, Tuli Mem Park, Esparto Community Park, and Valley Vista Regional Park are some of the beautiful community parks in California’s 3rd District. These lands are only a few of the many parks and forests that will be protected and maintained thanks to the passing of the Great American Outdoors […]

Dan Walters: State pressures locals on housing crisis

For the last half-century, the state government has attempted — without much success — to steer housing development in California via periodic calculation of local “needs.” About once every eight years, the state Department of Housing and Community Development, using formulas based primarily on population growth, has told regional planning bodies or individual counties how […]

Letter: Facing bias

The ability for a community to change systems of bias and inequity depend on the investment of many stakeholders. The perceived backslide of our nation into intolerance is alarming. It is important to see the fact that it is actually a reveal rather than a backslide. The incident in Davis involving Dr. Khoa Lam has […]

Commentary: Ownership study shows strength of housing cooperatives

By Mikaela FentonSpecial to The Enterprise The United States is facing a housing crisis. The American workforce of moderate-income citizens — people who make between 80% and 120% of the area median income — has been highly affected. This group is often stuck paying a significant portion of their income toward rent and cannot make […]

Commentary: Future indicative — work from 凯发体育官方sporthome will change everything

By Llewellyn KingSpecial to The Enterprise Dimly, through the fog of the future, some structures are emerging. Some of the purely physical are becoming discernible. The changes in work, collective consciousness and play are harder to bring into focus. We — call us a ravaged generation — will face a future, the future indicative, radically […]

Dan Walters: Appeals court makes tax increases easier

The March primary election was rough on advocates of new taxes. Hundreds of tax hikes — sales and parcel taxes, mostly — were placed on the ballot by cities, counties and school districts whose finances were being squeezed. However, voters rejected roughly half of them, reversing what had been a recent trend. The election occurred […]

Commentary: State needs a public bank

By Miguel SantiagoSpecial to CalMatters The data is in: We now know for certain who really benefited from federal efforts intended for small business recovery. The biggest banks made billions of dollars in fees from the Paycheck Protection Program.  Wall Street private equity firms — “vulture capitalists” who deliver no real value to working people — received […]

Letter: Renewable energy

As a UC Davis Generation Z student, I am afraid to have kids because I fear that climate change will ruin their lives. The world seems to be changing every day, and our climate crisis continues to get worse through wildfires, droughts, reduced snowpack and countless of other consequences. While this problem can feel burdensome […]

Letter: Net-zero by 2050 isn’t enough

As climate change is accelerating and the consequences of our actions are becoming clear, some organizations are taking a stand by passing renewable energy legislation to meet international goals for emission reductions. Unfortunately, many others are ignoring the problem entirely with the United States pulling out from the Paris Climate Accords and almost no nations […]

Letter: Community colleges, take the pledge

As my first year at UC Davis comes to an end, I am finding it difficult to feel confident in my future goals. I fear that I have no future because climate change, a great threat to us all, is being ignored instead of addressed. It is a looming problem that cannot be pushed to […]

Letter: We are here to help

In early March with the news of a new virus spreading, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services began planning an emergency process to continue operating our 24- hour crisis lines. Because we have been operating crisis services for over 50 years, we recognized the need for our 24-hour crisis lines to continue uninterrupted for the safety […]

Letter: University Mall

Some things to think about when discussing changes to U Mall. Will there actually be a rental market for these apartments or will this be another failed project — like several of our past research parks, which turned into apartments because there was really no demand for more research parks (same fate is likely for […]

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