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Dear Annie: Cut the Cord

By Annie Lane Dear Annie: For over four years, I was with and engaged to who I believed to be an incredible man. He was smart, funny and hardworking. We had to live in two separate states for work, but I commuted as much as I could and helped with his bills. I learned six […]

Dear Annie: Family Safety First

By Annie Lane Dear Annie: We were in the same situation as Divided Family, anticipating an eight-hour drive to New Orleans for a family wedding we really wanted to attend. We decided not to go because of the pandemic but sent not only the usual wedding gift but also the money that we would have […]

Name droppers: Local student honored for academic excellence

Tyler Mundy of Davis was one of more than 7,500 undergraduate students at the University of Kansas earned honor roll distinction for the spring 2020 semester.  Mundy is enrolled in the School of Education. The students, from KU’s Lawrence and Edwards campuses and the schools of Health Professions and Nursing in Kansas City, Kan., represent […]

Test your knowledge

1. Science. What F-word completes this definition? “A linnet is a mainly brown and gray BLANK with a reddish breast and forehead.” 2. Unusual Words. What is the most common word for the closing section of a musical composition? 3. Famous Furniture: According to Historians. Starting with the letter S, what genre of chair was […]

Poem of the month

The Fisherman  The small fishing boattied to the seasidesways everyday.Sometimes it is turned over by a storm.It awaits a bright dayso it can paddle out afar,become the man in Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea,and murmur: “The miracle of having lived so farbecomes the miracle to live on;there is much pleasure if you keep on […]

Dear Annie: My Husband the Creep

By Annie Lane Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for eight years. My first marriage ended because my ex was a serial cheater and all-around creep. “Mike” seemed to be the exact opposite. However, shortly after we were married, I found out he was checking out dating sites. I confronted him, and […]

Conversations: Health and humor with John Chuck

I have known John since he was Chief Resident at UC Davis Medical Center. He has lived in Davis for almost 25 years. He is a physician leader with The Permanente Medical Group, a philanthropist and teacher. I knew John when he was Chief Resident at UC Davis. He did a rotation at the Davis […]

Thriving Pink: Women’s health during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds around the world, many with upcoming or scheduled doctor’s appointments, including the vulnerable population and cancer patients, have concerns and questions: How do I stay healthy?  Should I continue my doctor appointments, cancer treatment, or regular mammogram screenings?  If you are making a difficult healthcare decision, know that you are […]

Yolo Crisis Nursery: Thankfully, some things remain the same

By Kay ReslerSpecial to The Enterprise So much has changed and yet some things remain the same. As a member of the Yolo Crisis Nursery Board of Directors, an 18-year member and past president of the Davis Rotary Club, and a passionate advocate for children, I am seeing the potentially devastating challenges the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Dear Annie: Assault Victim’s Unusual Reaction

By Annie Lane Dear Annie: About six months ago, a friend confided in me that he had been sexually assaulted a year prior by a blind date. After watching an episode of “ER,” we were talking about sexually transmitted infections, and he mentioned needing to get tested, which brought up the revelation of his assault. […]

Explorit: Slithering into your heart

By Sara ThompsonSpecial to the Enterprise Snakes are odd animals and are often feared because of their lack of legs and cultural reputations. Ophidiophobia is the second-most-common animal phobia, affecting nearly one-third of adults. Despite their looks and common placed fear, snakes are essential to their ecosystems and are not terrible animals once you know […]

Pets of the week

Lots of animals are waiting for “forever 凯发体育官方sporthomes” at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, 2640 E. Gibson Road in Woodland. Among them is Sydney (A181378), a 2-month-old tabby female who is a very playful and affectionate little girl. She would do well in a 凯发体育官方sporthome with other cats, but no children please! She has a […]

Need a new best friend?

At Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue, you’ll find Nugget, a 7-year-old Chihuahua. He’s a one-person dog, and plays well with other dogs. If you are a single person looking for a lap dog, he’s your man. Rotts of Friends has two adorable 10-week-old kittens who are looking for 凯发体育官方sporthomes. They are playful and cuddly. Both […]

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